Individual Services

I work with both adults and adolescents on an individual basis. Individual psychotherapy helps clients deal with particular issues, symptoms, and stressors. My goal is to provide a safe, non judgmental space for you to explore who you are, how you relate to others, and what supports you on your journey to become your best self.  I lean into, listen, understand, and enhance authentic expression. Together we create a collaborative process of transformation. What that means and what that looks like is different for everyone...

No matter where you have been, evidence-based therapies focus on changing the now. I strive to help my clients experience the world mindfully, and in accordance with their personal values. Through our work in cultivating an affirming, authentic, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, I provide support while we collaboratively deconstruct what is causing distress in your life and preventing you from being your most effective and authentic self. Individual therapy facilitates insight and growth, becoming more effective at actualizing your values, and building more authentic relationships with your self and with others. 

While there are many forms of therapy you can pursue, my expertise is in time-limited, evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT),  the Unified Protocol for emotional disorders, and third wave CBT such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness based interventions. (I do have experience in, and practice, an eclectic arrangement of other modalities as well-- when applicable or specifically requested.) We explore thoughts, beliefs, and understanding, while also prioritizing behavioral processes that focus on your contexts and the functions of how you relate to your internal experiences. CBT is designed to help individuals notice and shift their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to get relief from painful emotions such as anxiety and sadness.

Third wave interventions also promote well-being through developing coping skills, personal values, and metacognition that complement traditional CBT interventions. I provide flexible, customizable approaches that look different with each patient. I empower my clients to discover their strength, clarity, creativity, autonomy, resilience, motivation, and confidence in meeting whatever happens next. I provide individualized tools to use in everyday decision-making that will help those changes last. With these modalities I treat individuals who are impacted by depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship distress, burnout, divorce, loss, uncertainty, stigma, and other life experiences, diagnoses, and stressors. We explore the sources, experiences, and beliefs that impact how you relate with the world and implement change in your life. You are the expert on you, but are you your most effective and content self?   

Life transitions can be:

  • dealing with fame
  • sobriety
  • getting married
  • transitioning
  • starting a new career or changing jobs
  • coming out
  • gig culture ups and downs
  • child leaving for college
  • trauma
  • blending families
  • online dating
    • divorce
    • opening a relationship
    • moving
    • buying a home
    • significant loss (of anything or anyone important to you)
  • ending difficult relationships
  • major lifestyle changes
  • having children
  • accidents
  • health changes
  • going to college
  • retirement

  • What has you stuck? Is it hard to identify or experience your emotions? Where did your inspiration and drive go? How can we support change and growth for you right now? How do you process resentment and betrayal? Do you feel comfortable with your personal boundaries? Do you want to stop chasing perfection? Are you still having trouble adjusting to a life transition that has you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out?

    Extensive research has shown that most people who have engaged in these treatments have seen their symptoms significantly improve in 12 to 16 sessions. I aim to provide efficient relief from distress, and to teach patients to “become their own therapist.”  I use my training to help you make sense of your life and your relationships.  I bring an instinctive awareness that each of us has an inner world that can be at odds with the external one we live in. How has this been influenced by your environment and experiences? What is your narrative? My role begins with understanding that inner world with authentic curiosity, and a non judgmental fearlessness that promotes a new type of relational interaction. As a therapist, I have a focus on therapeutic intentionality while remaining warm and open. I wont flinch at curse words or feel compelled to fill a powerful silence. I can keep up with a dark sense of humor, and appreciate the healing power of laughter. I celebrate your successes and keep us focused on your goals.  

    I offer concierge services for clients in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  I also offer Walk & Talk therapy.


    Working with Creatives: Burnout, Success, Motivation, Inspiration  

    I am licensed in both New York State and California in order to better serve my bi-coastal clients and creatives.

    Together we can...

    • improve work/life balance
    • challenge perfectionism and doubt
    • rekindle your passion
    • explore how you remain impactful
    • challenge imposter syndrome
    • overcome patterns of people pleasing
    • address physical stress and help you to relax
    • rediscover your purpose/motivation
    • examine your schedule/environment for ways to promote creativity
    • seek inspiration again - in old and new ways
    • deal with difficult managers and work relationships
    • implement lifestyle changes that promote your creativity
    • explore all-or-nothing thinking
    • find inspiration while working within contracts/deals that aren't what you thought they were, and explore what you learned to improve your next one
    • explore what you tell yourself about yourself-- is it habit or fact?
    • explore your relationship with control and feeling like you don't have control
    • explore how routine and spontaneity impact your creativity
    • let go of old strategies that don’t work anymore
    • deepen the connection to your authentic self
    • improve coping with the pressure to maintain a high level of performance & production
    • put boundaries between your personal and professional life
    • explore the dark side of creativity (wrestle inner demons)
    • untangle identity, worth, and performance
    • develop skills to more effectively work with a team that is out of sync with your vision
    • explore and develop understanding of yourself
    • improve your assertiveness - learn to say no
    • explore how deadlines work for or against you
    • clarify your current vision
    • overcome barriers and beliefs that hold you back
    • and most importantly-- learn ways to steer clear of it happening again!


    Life Coaching - Your Narrative, Your Identity

    I offer life coaching services using behavioral analyses, motivational interventions, psychoeducation, mindfulness practices, narrative techniques, and more. Making time to focus on your wellbeing is important for all facets of life. We will address concerns related to past experiences that have affected your sense of dignity and worthiness. We will explore the impact of 'should's, guilt, and shame on your work-life balance, motivation, and creativity. Let's understand and build a positive, empowered future that invites joy and meaning in your life.  Whether you have experienced trauma, discrimination, burnout, or just a slow feeling of not having the same effectiveness and energy in your daily life and relationships-- we can work together to promote healing, and self-confidence. 

    Trauma-Focused therapy

    Trauma is experienced differently by everyone. You may notice psychological, emotional, or even physical changes. You may have nightmares or flashbacks, or be unable to get a good night’s sleep. You may feel anxious one day, depressed the next, and/or feel out of control doing things you never did before. You may constantly feel like you are in danger, or be irritable and easy to anger.  Trauma can occur as a car accident, an assault, or from combat. Trauma from stigma, prejudice, and discriminations can be a constant threat to expressing your authentic self.  Trauma can be any experience that was too much, too fast, or too soon without the support afterwards or enough time to process what just happened.

    I practice evidence-based trauma-focused therapies that have been shown to be effective and short term (~12 weeks). Trauma therapy isn’t so much about talking about the experience and details of your trauma, as it is about understanding the impact it has had on you and your life, and how you can resolve any difficulties these may have caused for you. Some speak about their experiences in detail, some don’t. My goals, in addition to yours, include helping you to relieve your distress, develop skills, use those skills effectively, and increase your insight. After that, I am available for check-ins and refresher sessions if needed. Some enjoy continued support, while others have specific goals that indicate to them that they are done with therapy. 

    I have worked with many diverse individuals who have experienced sexual assault or an unwanted sexual experience recently, or in their past. Sexual violence is pervasive, but still not spoken about openly. And... if you are unable to tell anyone, it’s hard to find help and support. These obstacles and stuck points can come from ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and society. I strive to help you overcome these beliefs and obstacles, and help you chart your own path to wholeistic well-being and balance.


    Adolescents and Young Adults

    I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults. I've been told that I am easy to talk to, and a bit more savvy than your average adult. It's hard to feel understood: by peers, by parents, by anyone. These times of our lives can bring feelings of confusion and discouragement. Feeling anxious, depressed, scared, incapable or lost are struggles that therapy can help you sort through.

    ‘Adulting’ is overwhelming.  Expectations have grown exponentially, and guidance has become limited. Therapy can help you figure out how to navigate this tumultuous period of emerging into adulthood. You should be able to feel confident in yourself and abilities, and know that you can manage.


    **Artwork on this page by IG: @Morstencilart (  '"Genesis" is about the way life springs into form and pattern - and how imagination/creativity is an extension of that generative place in nature.'