• Dr. Ingrid Solano



  • One of the most important decisions you will make when considering psychotherapy is who you choose as your therapist. Can you be your authentic self with them? Are they nonjudgmental, open, and curious about you? Can they understand you, your world, and your relationships? Do they understand you in context? Can they help you? Are they good at what they do?

    My supervisors and mentors have included some of the country’s leading researchers and practitioners in individual therapy, relationships, trauma, and LGBTQIA+ mental health and stigma, including Dr. K. Daniel O’Leary, Dr. John Pachankis, Dr. Elizabeth Wrape, and Dr. Leslie Morland.

    Many of my clients are high achieving, bi-coastal, creatives-- from pop stars to Film and TV talent. I work with professionals in entertainment, music, art, philosophy, writing, medicine, tech, and psychology, who have challenges juggling responsibilities, deadlines, relationships, creative flow, and past experiences with their expectations and roles at home and at work.

  • I see myself as an intuitive, creative, informed, and highly trained Clinical Psychologist that provides a safe, non judgemental, and transformative environment.

    We will create a climate of discovery where you will feel heard and listened to, while also experiencing my active engagement and direction. Therapy with me fosters a deep sense of engagement and connection, a sense of feeling understood, and clarity where there was previously ambiguity.

    This work is active, penetrating, and engaging. I have a strong respect for both the journey and the destination. I place high value on the therapeutic relationship, collaboratively tailor treatment to meet unique needs, and utilize interventions shown to be effective through scientific research.

    Am I the therapist to help you grow, explore, and support your wellbeing?

  • Expertise

    My expertise is in cognitive, behavioral, relational, and process-based treatments that bridge clinical science and practice.

  • Services

    I help individuals, couples, families, and friends, bring more balance, authenticity, creativity, connection, openness, and joy to their lives.

  • Begin...

    Reaching out and asking for help can be difficult. With that in mind, my consultations are conversational and as comfortable as possible, especially when speaking about difficult topics.