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Group therapy provides the opportunity to explore patterns of relating to others and experiment with new ways of interacting. Many people learn new skills and perspectives through hearing the rich and experiential stories of others. Group members have novel insights or may be able to relate to you in ways that promote growth and understanding that you had not considered alone, or in individual therapy. Group sessions also provide feedback and support from peers in a safe, therapeutic space. Here, group therapy services are offered for specific topics as well as general wellness and support. Please inquire about what groups are being offered at this time or joining a waitlist for the group that best suits your goals...


  • Closed Groups will be scheduled in advance, and you will be given the itinerary of session topics (if applicable). New members are NOT permitted to join closed groups. Group members do not change during these groups.
  • Open groups cycle through topics and can be attended intermittently. New members are permitted to join at any time.


Open Deeply: ENM/Polyamory/Open-Relationship Group

Open Group

Are you in an open relationship? Are you looking to open a relationship? Do you want to explore non-monogamy? 

This group explores the issues of navigating these challenges. Open relationships can bring more freedom, more love, more fulfillment, more adventure in your lives, yet it’s important to do this consciously and with skill that help manage issues like jealousy, values, boundaries and more.


D&D Group:  Anxiety and Depression Focus 

Closed Group

Have you ever noticed that D&D games can mend friendships and relationships? 

So has M. A. Connell in her breakthrough book:  Tabletop Role-Playing Therapy.  Due to the prevalence of anxiety and depression, and how they more often co-occur together, I will be hosting a D&D game on Roll20 that addresses the facets and symptoms of these concerns. In regard to anxiety, this can span from making mistakes and observing what happens as a result, to social encounters and do-overs. In regard to depression, we can focus on working through symptoms related to decision making and not feeling like others want you around.

Hoping to begin this group in July 2024. Please reach out if you would like to join!  Limited to 6 PCs.


Women's Group 

Open Group

Do you feel down about relationship issues? Do you feel like you're always taking care of everyone but yourself? Are you in a relationship or marriage, yet feeling lonely? 

This is an empowerment group for women that focuses on personal acceptance and creating a sense of belonging to decrease shame, depression, and anxiety symptoms. This group offers female-identifying clients an opportunity to process and share thoughts and feelings related to women’s experiences and issues in a safe, supportive environment. Egalitarian relationships, dating difficulties, inequality in the workplace/social world, income differentials between genders, women’s roles and role models, among other topics, are explored at length.

Limited to 10 participants.


Sexual Assault Group

Closed Group

Two Versions: Male & Female Gender Identity specific.

Do you feel disconnected from your vitality, sense of safety and agency, and the people you care about most? Are you experiencing negative self talk, or feelings of guilt or shame? 

Each group runs for 12 sessions, with an optional LGBTQ+ oriented additional 3 (total 15) sessions that focus on minority stress, discrimination, and intersectionality as it relates to sexual assault and trauma. This group focuses on the impact of sexual assault on the self, interpersonal relationships, and how you interact with the world. This group also focuses on finding new and useful coping skills for common negative emotions and thoughts associated with the impact of sexual assault. Session itinerary distributed at Session 1 (and available upon request). An individual orienting session is 30 minutes and pro-rated at $100. This initial session will discuss the impacts you have experienced in your life, group itinerary, group fit, as well as group-unique rules and expectations.

These are closed groups, there is a waitlist and when it is filled (10 participants) it begins. Weekly sessions build on each other and have distinct topics for discussion.


Teen Talk 

Closed Process Group

Do you feel like your friends and family are supporting you at the moment? How does social media impact your life?  Do you feel lonely or isolated? Do you feel like you can talk to your family and friends about your authentic self?

For LGBTQ+ Teens. Let’s talk! This group is about support, self-discovery, and community. This is a process-oriented group, and will run for 12 weeks.

Group will begin with 8-10 participants.