Expert Intimacy Consultation

As an expert in trauma/sexual assault, LGBTQIA+ affirming relationships, gender diversity, sex worker ally-ship, kink, BDSM, polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, swinging, and open relationships, I am able to read scripts and provide feedback on authenticity and safety. 

As film and TV are progressively representing these communities more and more, it is the hope/spirit of this representation to depict them accurately and sensitively.  As a gender/sexuality/intimacy consultant I can provide consultation on scripts to help shows avoid exclusion, tropes, and problematic constructs about gender, sexual orientation, sexual assault/trauma, and relationship diverse individuals.  

I am also able to provide workshops to actors and writers on specific skillsets, including pronouns, sexual/gender minority representation, and safety (such as how to engage in activities such as BDSM rope bondage and how consent is handled in polyamory/BDSM/swinging, etc.).

I feel very strongly about sexuality, gender diversity, and non-traditional relationship representation in media. I have over a decade of experience exploring the impact of heteronormativity, internalized homophobia, and the lack of representation and models of diverse relationships in media.  We are finally living in a time that can promote representation of our diverse life experiences in media, and the positive impact of accurate representation not only informs, but also comforts.  I believe that film and TV play a huge role in this - from normalizing safer sex practices, to affirming that you are not alone. 

There is so much power in that. And thus-- responsibility.