Working with Creatives: Burnout, Success, Motivation, Inspiration

Telehealth enables creatives around the world to engage in valuable coaching (See: Coaching). And as a Psychologist I am licensed to provide therapy in both New York State and California in order to better serve my bi-coastal clients.

I work with creatives at all stages in their career-- from celebrities to LA/NYC newcomers. I enjoy watching the creative journey unfold, and your improved wellbeing become your inspiration. Whether you are dealing with the stresses of fame, trying to find creative work/life balance, trying to find a manager that hears your vision and supports your values, or trying to find your own vision/calling... we can work together to address when mood and anxiety issues interfere with your ability to enjoy life, or get in the way of your goals.

We can’t avoid negative emotions like sadness, fear, worthlessness, and worry. So, eventually they catch up with us. We can't avoid having thoughts and looking for meaning behind what we do and experience - we are human. But, avoidance is not a goal. My integrative therapeutic approach is informed by current findings in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, allowing me to provide you with the most up-to-date, informed, and effective care. As with all emotions, occasional sadness and anxiety are normal life experiences. However, when they begin to interfere with your creativity, wellbeing or how you interact with others it is time to seek help.


I am able to provide for the unique needs of celebrities looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and discreet psychologist.  I understand the unique concerns about public image, mismanaged personal information, and fear of exposure that prevent some creatives from receiving excellent care. Celebrities deal with issues that may not be typical of an average client. Because of this, there is benefit to working with a psychologist who has experience helping other celebrities who have overcome their disorders with careful and attentive therapy work.

Additionally, I understand that insuring your privacy is of utmost importance. You will never have to speak with a secretary, answering service, or receptionist. And unlike some practices, you will never be transferred to an associate or intern. 

Together we can...

  • improve work/life balance
  • challenge perfectionism and doubt
  • rekindle your passion
  • explore how you remain impactful
  • challenge imposter syndrome
  • overcome patterns of people pleasing
  • address physical stress and help you to relax
  • rediscover your purpose/motivation
  • examine your schedule/environment for ways to promote creativity
  • seek inspiration again - in old and new ways
  • deal with difficult managers and work relationships
  • implement lifestyle changes that promote your creativity
  • explore all-or-nothing thinking
  • find inspiration while working within contracts/deals that aren't what you thought they were, and explore what you learned to improve your next one
  • explore what you tell yourself about yourself-- is it habit or fact?
  • explore your relationship with control and feeling like you don't have control
  • explore how routine and spontaneity impact your creativity
  • let go of old strategies that don’t work anymore
  • deepen the connection to your authentic self
  • improve coping with the pressure to maintain a high level of performance & production
  • put boundaries between your personal and professional life
  • explore the dark side of creativity (wrestle inner demons)
  • untangle identity, worth, and performance
  • develop skills to more effectively work with a team that is out of sync with your vision
  • explore and develop understanding of yourself
  • improve your assertiveness - learn to say no
  • explore how deadlines work for or against you
  • clarify your current vision
  • overcome barriers and beliefs that hold you back
  • and most importantly-- learn ways to steer clear of it happening again!


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**Artwork on this page by IG: @Morstencilart (  '"Genesis" is about the way life springs into form and pattern - and how imagination/creativity is an extension of that generative place in nature.'