“Even when the relationship was uncertain, she adapted and weathered through it with us. She's got a way of challenging you that's very practical and honest, but still kind. She's incredibly knowledgeable about couples work and sex therapy (neither of which are easy things to specialize in!)” Couples Client, 5/2022

“Dr. Solano is amazing! I have had a handful of personal and couples therapists, and she is hands down one of the best. Incredibly smart and invested in a healthy outcome - personable to boot!” Couples Client, 6/2020

"I was hesitant to start coaching, it is an expensive commitment and I feared acknowledging our issues might make them worse. My partner and I are so glad we decided to go through with it. I can’t stress enough how worthwhile Ingrid's coaching is. She provided valuable tools and a professional, safe, and grounding space where my partner and I had the confidence to address our needs." Couples Coaching Client, June 2022

"I recommend this doctor because she has helped me tremendously in so many ways I didn't know were possible ...even when you feel and do quit like I did, she was still so patient and didn't quit on me and I thank my life for her that she did that ... let's just say what has taken me years and numerous doctors to not open up to, Dr. Solano is the one doctor I truly and freely opened up to." July 2022

“You were one of my favorite therapists because you were always easy to talk to, and have a conversation with.” Individual Adolescent Client, 8/2021 (Seen in 2013)

"Ingrid is exceptional at what she does, and I could not recommend her enough." 2022

“I went into this process terrified to talk about what I had been through and expecting nothing to change. After almost two decades this therapy has helped me so much. I still have challenges daily but I now have so many more tools to use to overcome those challenges and a new confidence in myself.  This is by far the most support I have felt...” Trauma-Focused Therapy Client, 12/2021

"Have had the best experience with Ingrid. So so happy I found her and have sent a few friends to her already." 2022

 "Working with Ingrid was transformational. At the beginning of our time, she told me that I could either put the work in now and enjoy the benefits sooner, or I could try to avoid it for as many years as possible until I was forced to deal with what had happened. I am so glad I put the work in now, because now I am already benefiting from it just one year later. When you choose to put the work and the effort in, Ingrid will help you work through things you thought you would just have to avoid your whole life. It's not easy, but it is worth every step. I am so grateful I was able to put the time in now, and learn the skills to be able to help myself. My friends and family have noticed a difference too!" Trauma-Focused Therapy Client, 11/2022