Individual Supervision / Case Discussion / Feedback / Clinical Direction
Expertise / Cutting Edge Interventions / Specific Cases & Special Topics

Both supervision and consultation for specific cases and concerns are available for practitioners who want to work individually with Dr. Ingrid Solano, a Ph.D. level, expert therapist.

Individual supervision/consultation gives you a chance to share your cases, hear ample feedback, receive interventions, and get clinical direction from a practitioner with expertise in couples therapy, sexuality, LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy, Kink-affirming therapy, infidelity, and non-monogamous relationships.

More clients have experience with consensual non-monogamy (CNM) than you realize. In a 2022 YouGov poll of a representative sample of 1,100 U.S. residents, a quarter (25%) of Americans said their ideal relationship type was some form of non-monogamy (partnered or unpartnered). This number (20-25% of lifetime experience) is being reported more and more frequently, and was found in my own research.

Yet, making non-traditional relationships work is a life-long exploration of authenticity, coming out, and consistency.  Many people first try to repress their non-monogamous desires in a world where examples of healthy relationships are primary monogamous, and closed.  Various unhealthy patterns and destructive, maladaptive coping mechanisms are often the first step on this journey (i.e., infidelity, shopping, substance use, eating disorders, numbness, detachment from friends and family, isolation, anxiety, depression, feelings of emptiness). The lack of skills, information, healthy role models, and support make perspective-shifts, creating boundaries, positive communication, emotion regulation, and conflict resolution difficult or cyclical -- going round and round but not addressing (or resolving) the actual concern.

How knowledgeable are you, the therapist, on these subjects?  Your knowledge gap is not your fault.  Unless you share these identities yourself, or have made concentrated effort to be an ally or obtain insight, very little knowledge and specialization is offered in traditional training.  How equipped do you feel when faced with clients who are deeply curious or are already exploring various forms of CNM or other alternative sexual and/or relational lifestyles? Do you feel confident working with kink, nonheterosexuality, or gender variance in your practice? Don't let the gaps and limitations in your education impact your ability to engage with the depths of human experience, and your more creative and adventurous clients. It is important for you to be informed, Moving forward, it is also important for you to know how to continue to educate yourself on these topics, and how they impact assessment and treatment.  

It is so important for you to provide an open, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment that includes cultural humility rather than implicit micro-aggressions.  Even if you are still assessing fit and scope of practice.


Elevate your practice. Consultation with Dr. Ingrid Solano is:

  • For beginners and advanced practitioners 
  • For practitioners who want to consult on specific cases or special topics
  • For practitioners who want to work in a group or individually
  • Limited to 4 participants (for groups) to provide optimum participation
  • Available in-person, by phone, Skype/Zoom, and webinar formats

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Group Consultation Services.

Group Consultation provides valuable perspectives and insight not traditionally available during individual Consultation. Dr. Ingrid Solano directs each consultation group session in order to:

  • Provide each participant with time to present cases and follow-up
  • Allow time for each participant to ask questions and learn from other participants
  • Encourage experiential intervention and competency

Maximum participation is encouraged. Clinicians with all levels of experience and backgrounds are welcome to participate, and all dynamics and approaches welcome.

Optional resources may include reading material, videos, for advancing sex and couples therapy skills.


To schedule as an Individual or Group Consultation please Contact Me.