Group Services

Group therapy provides the opportunity to explore patterns of relating to others and experiment with new ways of interacting. Many people learn new skills and perspectives through hearing the rich and experiential stories of others. Group members have novel insights, or may be able to relate to you in ways that promote growth and understanding that you had not considered before alone, or in individual therapy.  Group sessions also provide feedback and support from peers in a safe, therapeutic space. Here, group therapy services are offered for specific topics as well as general wellness and support.  Please inquire about what groups are being offered at this time or joining a waitlist for the group that best suits your goals...

Closed groups are groups that retain the same members from day one -- from start to finish of the scheduled group. I maintain waitlists for those interested, and when there is enough interest the group schedule is formed. Open groups are groups that you may join at any time (when they are running).

Currently, groups are run on Telehealth platforms due to COVID.

Closed and Open Group List:

  • Impact of Sexual Assault (ISA) Group (Closed Group)
    • Men’s
    • Women’s
    • LGBTQIA+ Affirming
  • Deeply Creative (Closed Group for artists)
  • Creativity & Work-Life Balance (Open Process Group)
  • Women's Group (Open Group) 
  • Teen Talk (Closed Process Group)  
  • Identity and Self Group (Closed Process Group)  
  • Couples Group (Open Group)