“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

I work with recording artists, actors, writers, visual artists, photographers, sculptors, painters, and artists of all types. Together we explore the unique pressures of being a creative and navigating the stress, burnout, and creativity blocks that influence personal and career development.  Your relationship with creativity is a part of your identity and how you live your life.  Distress in one is often distress in the other.  Tending to your emotional well being is important for meeting your goals and your resilience in future challenges. We explore the impact of your thoughts and experiences related to precision, scope, depth, inspiration, deadlines, and more.


Success…and burnout...

There is another side of fame and creativity. Even at high levels of success--  is something still missing?  Procrastinating?  Dreading work?  Feeling stuck? Tired? Irritable?  Is life a series of ups and downs, partying, and work? Things are starting to feel the same… Do inspired and motivated creative people annoy you? Are you overly defensive? Are you no longer enjoying what you used to love? Instead of an overflowing well of ideas, your creative flow can run dry. And just because you’re facing creative burnout doesn’t mean your work expectations change.  But that doesn’t mean that success and inspiration are impossible-- even if it feels that way. (See Individual Therapy for Burnout.)



Openness is one of the five major personality dimensions. Openness promotes interest in new things, motivation to learn about new ideas and acquire new knowledge, and a deeper engagement with the world around you. Open people push past traditional experiences, routines, and norms. They are emotionally moved by things they find beautiful and immerse themselves in nature, pleasure, and the arts. Open people purposefully choose to create happiness and balanced, non judgmental responses to the things they experience in their life and anxiety provoking uncertainty. Psychological flexibility is key. Being open to others and meaningful relationships contributes to a sense of clarity, greater self-awareness, and understanding. Free your creativity. Express yourself. Become unstuck.


Creativity in my practice

In the area of complex human behavior, interpretation and speculation are necessary. We are our complexity. I have a hard-science based background and I practice evidence-based therapies that are influenced by research. Yet, how do they apply to you… an individual with unique concerns and unique triumphs?  It is in the therapeutic relationship and the skillful blending of what is known and what is still unknown where psychotherapy feels like a very personal and experiential healing art.

What does the personal foster in you? What do you think about at night? How do you imagine your success? What do you imagine a life without your current troubles to look like? How will we get you there?



Expertise working with Creatives