Professional Training: Relationship Coaching

Currently I am providing training in Relationship Coaching for mental health professionals working on, or holding, a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, Counseling, or Psychology.  Licensure is not required to train with me at this level.


I am providing 3 hours of training, scheduled at two different times, at least 1 week apart.  This coaching will go over my 2-Day, and 4-Day coaching agendas, itineraries for couples, itinerary specialization, session goals, couples assignments, and coaching assessment before and after you meet with the couple.


Training groups are limited to 6 Providers.



Day 1:

  • Fundamentals in Assessment for 2-Day and 4-Day plans
  • Goal Discovery
  • Coaching Agenda Basics
  • Individualizing the Coaching Agenda
  • Skills & Worksheets
  • Skills Training Tips


Day 2:

  • Couples Progress Assessment: After First Session
  • Coaching Tune-Ups: In Session
  • Coaching Tune-Ups: After Sessions
  • Common Difficulties and Problem Solving
  • Strength Based Resilience Plans
  • Setting Up for Couples' Success Post Coaching
  • Q&A


Teaching Sessions are currently full until December's cohort.


Tentative Date:  Friday, 12/16/22 at 12pm PST

Status: No Waitlist

Training Package: $550